Boiler Repair Wokingham

Boiler Repair Wokingham

Boiler repairs and installations in Wokingham

Is your boiler on the brink? Perhaps it’s time you upgraded to a newer, more energy efficient boiler – and saved yourself some money in the process!

Wokingham boiler repair specialists Hallmark Plumbing and Heating have many years’ experience in the repair and installation of boilers for customers in Wokingham. Whether it’s a boiler upgrade, emergency boiler repair, or you need a 24 hour boiler repair service, Troy and his team are the trusted local heating engineers of choice for numerous homeowners in Wokingham.

Our New Boiler Guarantee

We guarantee all our new boilers fully for 5 years. For more information and to get a free, no-obligation quote, please call Troy on 01344 779247

Common Causes of Boiler Breakdown

There are almost as many causes of boiler breakdowns as there are boilers! However, some boiler problems can become dangerous. For example, if your thermocouple needs replacing the boiler might be releasing gas even when the pilot light is out. This build up of gas can be extremely dangerous and flammable.

Where boiler breakdowns are concerned, it’s best to call out a professional heating engineer who will be able to diagnose and fix the problem with minimum fuss and effort. If you’re in Wokingham, give Troy a call on 01344 779247 to get your boiler sorted now.

Wokingham Boiler Servicing

Because boiler faults can be dangerous and also to make sure that any other hidden problems are kept in check, we recommend our yearly Wokingham Boiler Service. This service includes a visual inspection of your boiler as well as a thorough examination of all pipes, valves and flue terminals to make sure they are free of obstructions and potentially dangerous leaks.

For all Boiler Repair Wokingham enquiries, please contact Troy on 01344 779247.